1. What is the Highline release?

Highline is the code name of Moji Labs’ alpha release of MojiPage (a customizable mobile start page).

2. What is the objective of the MojiPage Alpha Test?

The alpha test is aimed at stress testing the usability of MojiPage. Friends of the people at Moji Labs are invited to participate and provide the much needed feedback for improvements. During the one-month alpha test period, developers will also be invited to try their hands at developing widgets with the MojiPage open API. Please also note that for the period of the alpha test, email widgets will not be available. More widgets, including emails, and new feeds will be available in our next round of testing. Our beta test in Q1 2008 will be the SoHo release. (See also Question #10)

3. Do I have to register/create an account to use my MojiPage?

The registration of an account will ensure that the customized contents on your MojiPage will be saved and be readily accessible from any mobile and desktop browsers. Although we encourage you to register your account to take full advantage of the MojiPage experience, you do not actually need to register an account to test drive MojiPage.

4. Can I invite my friends?

Yes, please! If you know of friends who can do with convenience of a personalized mobile start page, please invite them to MojiPage by clicking here.

5. How do I report bugs/issues?
How do I provide feedback or ask questions?

Please alert us to bugs, technical issues, provide feedback or any questions you may have using our contact form.

6. Can I submit widgets and RSS feeds to MojiPage?

Yes, please! Users and Developers are encouraged to help us expand the contents made available to all MojiPage users. Our widget API is documented on our developer’s wiki. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

7. How do Developers get access to MojiPage’s open API?

Developers looking to try their hands at creating widgets with MojiPage’s open API are most welcome! Other than the API, we will also provide documentations and technical support to developers to ensure consistency in the overall end user experience. Please contact us for more information.

8. Can Moji Labs help businesses create custom widgets?

Yes, indeed! In the interests of providing the largest library of widgets to end users, we will provide custom widgets creation and hosting services for corporate, commercial and retail businesses. The company’s branded widget can be a mobilized version of their website, or an application that features any of their core business functionalities. Please let us know your needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

9. Do I need to enable cookies to use MojiPage?

Yes. Cookies will need to be enabled in order to use MojiPage.

10. What happens after the Alpha Test?
Can I still get access to my MojiPage?
Will I lose the customized settings of my MojiPage?
Do I need to re-create a new account during the next round of testing (beta)?
What changes/updates can I look forward to for the beta test (SoHo release)?

After the one-month long alpha test of the MojiPage Highline release, your personalized MojiPage will continue to be available for your use. You will not lose any of your custom settings and you can continue to edit and view your MojiPage from your mobile and desktop browsers. During the beta test (SoHo release) in Q1 2008, your registered account with your custom settings will all be automatically carried over. You will not be required to re-register or to re-customize your MojiPage. The next release of MojiPage will incorporate feedback from the alpha test, make available email widgets and bring you even more feeds and new widgets.

11. What emoticons/smilies can I use on MojiWall?

Most commonly used emoticons can be used in MojiWall messages. Examples are: :), :(, ;-). Emoticons are provided by the Tango Desktop Project.


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